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We love books! There is nothing like opening up a book and letting your imagination soar. Research shows that we process information better when reading from an actual book versus from a screen. Right now you can try scholastic which is offering free at home learning tools and book clubs. Epic! is another great find.

Also, it is Harry Potter's 20th anniversary this year!! Check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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We are getting closer to springtime. Try out some crafts with your kids at home! We will update these links often.

Illustration of paper windmill and flyin


Children need to play and move around. Sports, dancing, stretching and even yoga are great options. Try Cosmic Yoga at home see the link below.
Sports outdoors or in an open park is another fun idea for the whole family. 
P.S. Don't forget to drink your water!

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Need some screen free time? California is beautiful! Why not explore the outdoors and go for a hike or an environmental adventure?!

We are a team of parents so we know how hard it is to keep kids busy while at home.

Here are some Apps that our families enjoy!

1. Thinkrolls

2. PlexiWord

3. Human Body

4. Splash Math

5. Prodigy

6. Simply Piano

7. DuoLingo

Childhood Leisure Hobby Imagination Conc
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